Assertiveness and Tranquility in the choice of the school for your children in Mexico City.

Questionnaire + Interview =  SCHOOL CHOICE 

Simple and Easy



The so-called "cultural shock" affects every member of the family differently and unpredictably. If only one of them reacts negatively, it may frustrate the family`s  project in Mexico. Migrant workers, seek security and good living standards; being education and health their two priorities(1).

That is why SCHOOL CHOICE is born!

We make alliance with you, to give the top 3 college choices that offer your kids the optimal environment, according your family profile.

This is a very simple process:

Step 1: We send you a questionnaire by e-mail.

Step 2: Personal Interview (by Skype or personally)

Step 3: We give you 3 choices that suit your family and children profile.

The cost-benefit ratio is very high. It is very affordable because it costs similar to only one month tuition and the advantages are a lot.

Through the questionnaire and personal interview, we will identify your priorities as parents and your child´s profile, allowing us a very effective recommendation. Also we accompany you throughout a year with support and being close when you or your kids require it, in this vital adptation process.      

We help families who are migrating to Mexico City, or that are entering a new school stage or the ones that want the security of a good decision.

If you are already living in Mexico, we can make a free diagnosis that can ensure you that your children are in the proper or wrong school.

(1) According to Mercer Reports ( consultancy about executives living abroad )